Udaan Actress; Malvi Malhotra she have understand about her own responsibility of safety

Malvi Malhotra is an Indian actress last year she turned down a marriage proposal and now she is bravely rebuilding her life she have involve herself in self defence. Malvi says “I went for martial arts and kick-boxing classes, but I was advised by my doctor to begin after six months. My left hand, the finger which was detached and other injuries caused by the stabbing haven’t healed completely. I am keen on learning self-defence and will pursue it after six months.”

She is still working on her mental strength after the incident so she further shares “I am undergoing scar-removal treatment, but there are times when I get scared standing next to a stranger in an elevator or on the road. I know it’s psychological, and I need to train my mind. I am working on it. I live alone in Mumbai. While I never felt scared earlier, the incident shook me up. It made me realise the importance of taking one’s safety into one’s own hands. It’s important to know how to take care of myself and ensure my safety.”

The actress was seen in very famous show ‘Uddan’ she have also applied for an arms licence and said  “I have submitted the form, which I got from the police.” The actress is working all hard for herself so that she can be mentally and physically strong also she is taking good care of herself.

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