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Top 10 Best Acting Schools In India

Mumbai has always been a dreamland for many people, the city has fulfilled many people’s dreams who have struggle for themselves and achieved success after the other. Check out below is Top 10 Best Acting Schools In India.

Indian people are always crazy about two mandatory things in their life that is Cricket and Movie these two are different possession which involves money. Many of us have learned that talent is one of the important things that we owe.

Best Acting Schools In India
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Top 10 Best Acting Schools In India

Here are further top acting schools in India which offer you good quality training and make out the best acting shot.

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1. Anupam Kher’s Actor – Mumbai

A year back, Anupam Kher’s established fresh finest acting school who has to wish to move forward in this career and fulfill all their dreams. The school is not for only acting purposes but also for writers.

The profession needs highly active and courageous people who can act and direct, there are lots of class conducted in house faculty and also many celebrities come and visit and they share their experience give them some tips.

2. Film And Television Institute Of India (FTII) – Pune

Pune is one of the best-reputed schools in Mumbai, it offers a two-year post-graduate diploma in acting course. FTII was started in the year 1960 the students learn many things.

The film that is made by students has received many awards in the film fare across the world. To get admission to this school students are required to pass their entrance exam.

3. National School Of Drama (NSD) – Delhi

National school of drama was introduced in 1959, NSD is a well-known film industry to produce great artist Nawazuddin Siddiqui was the part of it. The school functions under the ministry of culture government, India.

4. Asia Academy Of Film And Television (AAFT) – Noida

The first acting institute in South Asia which was started in 1993, the institute offers 3 months course in video editing, camera and lighting techniques, screenplay, sound recording, etc.

5. Zee Institute Of Media And Arts – Mumbai

One of the most leading acting school in Mumbai, it gives the opportunity to students it offers different courses that suit individual talent. The acting helps a lot to get perfection in you.

The courses you will get are Hands-on film making, weekend short term courses in direction, and many more the candidate will also get a certificate that will involve in personal interviews.

6.Centre For Research In Art Of Film And Television – Delhi

Centre For Research In Art Of Film And Television is one of the best acting schools in India, this is a non-profit organization being register as a charitable trust.

The organization offers 6 months diploma in acting and modeling, in all these courses only 10 students are available you will get to learn many things that are required in the profession.

7. Whistling Wood International, Mumbai

Whistling Wood International is directed by one of the popular Bollywood directors ‘Subash Ghai’ and it was started in the year 2006. The school is linked with many international films. If you have luck in the cinema you must take advantage of this.

8. R.K Film And Media Academy – Delhi

It is one of the career-defining acting institutes of India there are different types of courses held in the school where the candidate can choose their own fields according to their likes and dislikes.

9. The Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai

Barry John Acting was found by British born Indian he has more than 40 years of experience in this field and many students learn very well and get opportunities in the film industry. The courses you will get a diploma in film acting for 16 weeks and a part-time acting course for 3 months.

10. Chennai Film School – Chennai

The school started a year back and is devoted to film media it is approved by the government of Tamil Nadu many students won awards regarding films and many other activities.


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