The Kapil Sharma Show; Krushna Abhishek confirms that the show is all set to comeback with another season

The Kapil Sharma Show is an Indian Hindi stand up comedy, which telecast on Sony Entertainment television. The show have many talented and well known actress and actor the show have been running from a long time, it is one of the most awaited and popular show among audience.

The show is once again all set to hit the screen soon in an exclusive interview Krushna Abhishek who play the role of Sapna shares the team will be once again back in the month of May he also added,

“The show is returning to TV in May. We haven’t finalized the date yet. Yes, there will be new things this time also. The set will go under a revamp. We will have a new set and there will be a few new additions also and I will give you good news about it soon,”

He says that he missing his role and further adds  “I am missing the show a lot. Because we used to have lots of fun and we never realized how the entire day would pass so swiftly. Kapil and I discussed a lot over the phone as we both want the show to return soon. He is also gearing up and excited that we will be doing the new season and new things.”

further talking about Kapil he says “Kapil is a very creative person, he’s very sharp and his brain works fast as far as humor is concerned. The entire team is going to sit together and decide what all has to be done. But we are excited to be back once again.” The show is one of the top 5 most watches shows.

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