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Tarrak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma; March 11 written update

Tarrak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma is one of the most popular and famous show which airs on SAB TV the show is running for more than 13 years and still now they are receiving amazing response from the audience. The latest episode starts with Mehta offer Bhogi that he will give his hotspot to him so that he can transfer the money in account

Jethlal start praying to god that without any problems everything should go correctly just then Bhaga enters to the society and when he was coming in he saw the car of Bhogi and gets happy and he thinks that Jethlal has got his money back without any further problems and he go inside his house.

Bagga without knowing anything he starts dancing and singing everyone gets shock Jethlal ask to Bhide that what Bagga is doing here and now he is worried that all his plan will fail then he ask to Bhogi that is he over here to make payments to his seth Ji just then Bhogi realizes him that he works for Jethlal.

Champak chacha and other make him understand that he should leave from there immediately and Bagga understands and leave but Bhogi realizes that its trap which is set for him so that he could pay money to Jethlal. He quickly ask his bodyguards to catch Bagga and he realizes that there is no way out Sodhi then confront the truth that he will not give him the propery papers.

Jethlal say to Bhogi that Sunder is his Jijaji and they are a family member on the other hand Sodhi and Sunder beat up the guards and Madhvi throws red chili in the eyes of bodyguard’s they all tie them up but in very mess way and chaos. Bhogi threats a gun he will take Jethlal ancestral land and also he will not pay Rs. 50lakh to him.

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