Tarrak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma; Gokuldham gents decide to have some pawri (Party Sharty)

Tarrak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma is one of the most famous and longest running show which airs on SAB TV, the show have always come up with new concept and storyline. The latest episode starts with Jethlal thanks all his friend for standing by his side in difficult times and when he wanted them.

Then Jethlal gets a call from Nattu Kakka he ask him to increase his salary in this year but Jethlal ignore him once again. On next morning while Bhide is taking online lectures Tapu Sena were playing cricket in compound he gets little bit disturbed but he ignore once later on while playing cricket Goli and Gogi ended up fighting for cricket match.

Bhide gets angry on him for their noise and come out to shout at them he also scold his daughter for being a part of them and making such noise he ask everyone to go away as he is going to start with his online class. Tapu agrees on it and tell to Bhide that they will go to clubhouse and Bhide start with his online class.

On the other side Mahila mandal come out to buy vegetable and they start talking about that how exactly a year ago corona had hit and lockdown was announced on 22 March and in the starting all of them were nervous and were scare to go out. While talking Madhvi talks about her husband that how Bhide is facing issue in online lecture as students are not very much attentive.

Later on in evening once again all the gokuldham, Purush mandal meets at Abdul soda shop and Jethlal one more time thanks all his friends.

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