Ramayana actress Mahika Sharma she started enjoying Holi festival in Mumbai

Mahika Sharma is an Indian actress she have been part of many show but she have never seen playing any lead role. She is also a model and won a beauty pageant she is born in Harayana too pursue all the dreams she came in Mumbai.

Talking about Holi everyone love to play with colorful colors she talk about her childhood memories “I remember during my childhood, Holi was never a one-day affair. Celebrations used to start a week in advance and the whole locality lived under the delightful terror of being attacked by some notorious kids, hiding behind parapets and staircases, armed with water balloons. It would be difficult to move out. Every Holi, I used to buy a white salwar or lehenga with a colourful dupatta. It was so much fun dressing up.”

She also further adds “Even though I used to love dressing up on Holi, I would never really enjoy the festival. For me, it was just a ritual to get dressed up because I was scared of going out to play. People with colourful faces looked scary to me as a kid. And the festival would come at the time of our examinations. However, when I shifted to Mumbai, I started playing Holi. I love Holi parties here, they are a lot of fun. I make sure I am in Mumbai every Holi. This year, however, I will stay at home due to the pandemic.”

Holi is the festival were we forgive everyone and make sure that we celebrate it colorfully especially people who live in Mumbai City they never miss a chance to celebrate it but due to pandemic this time everyone have to stay at their home.

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