On World Theatre Day; Pritam Singh miss the live experience of theatre

Today is World Theatre Day and Pritam Singh have a great story to share with all of us he say’s people who are working behind the camera and theatre know the importance of the things and they get to learn new new things from one another. Ask anyone who works behind it and they will always answer that it have been an amazing experince.

Pritam Singh shares “A marathi play called Janata Raja used to take place every year. I bagged a small role in it. I played a soldier in Aurangzeb’s army. The first time I went on stage, I was starry eyed, I could not believe that there were so many people who had come to watch us. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

“You have rehearsals, but no retakes, so it’s quite challenging. You have to remember the dialogue and emote at the same time. A lot of times actors forget their lines and improvise. Stage actors are prepared and better at improvising. When you are performing, you can easily gauge the audience’s interest.”

“The most important part in a play is your voice. You need a loud and clear voice, so that everyone sitting in the front to the back row can hear you. Your facial expressions and emotions also need to be open and loud. In other mediums, you can shoot one scene in different takes, you don’t have to think much about light or how loud you are, the camera catches everything.”

 “I have enjoyed watching Ashish Vidyarthi’s Dayashankar ki Dairy and my own play Blind Date was also entertaining.”

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