On World Health Day Today TV Celebs shares; Vaccines are must for all the age groups

Today is World Health Day, and with the sudden rise of COVID cases, Maharashtra chief Minister  Uddhav Thackeray and other states chief minister have emerged with Narendra Modi that adults above 25 should also be vaccinated. On world Health Day today Maharashtra is being one of the highest and in the worst state at present. TV celebrities share their opinion on this.

  1. Arjun Bijlani – He shares that older people and those certain people need to be vaccinated first before anyone else because the older you grow the less your immunity gets but its equally important for every adult of age 18-30 years also start vaccinated first, so that they feel secure and safe. Also talking about mask it is very important for everyone to wear and take measure precautions.
  1. Simba Nagpal – Giving vaccination isn’t an easy task but are are authorities are giving their best and doing their job but many of people who are above 25 are waiting for their vaccination but they still are following all measure precautions that are required and necessary we must take care of ourselves
  1. Shagun Sharma – Not only in India but people across the world of all age group must be vaccinated as soon as possible the virus is spreading tremendously among all of us. Now people age above 45 years are getting vaccine but people above 25 years old should be eligible for vaccine too as she trust on ongoing vaccine process.

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