MTV Splitsvilla Season 13; Aarushi Chib approach Vyomesh his feeling for Bhoomika

MTV Splitsvilla is a place for all the boys and girls who hunt their love and play game to be secure and the couple who goes till end is the winner of the show. It is one of the popular show among teenagers it airs on MTV India. You can also catch the online telecast at official or website of Voot.

The show have successfully completed its 12th season and the ongoing season i.e. 13 we have seen the latest episode Vyomesh choose Bhoomika instead of Aarushi and they both get a chance to go in front of oracle and find are they ideal match or not, the results were not so good they end up not becoming a ideal match.

Where the against team were very happy because in their Que card the couple have written Riya’s name if they were a ideal match, Riya would have been dump over there and she have to go home but luckily she is save and the more happiest girl was Aarushi she felt some relieved.

In the upcoming episode you will watch Vyomesh and Garry get into fight they both were very angry and Vyomesh ask to him to choose wisely and one that whom he wants to pick in between Avantika and Aarushi. From this Aarushi trouble and she leave the place from there then she goes to Vyomesh with a valid question that if Bhoomika and he are not ideal match then why did he promise to her that he will have his back in future if he have to choose in between her and Bhoomika this make Vyomesh speechless and he ask Aarushi to leave him alone.

The upcoming episode are going to fill up with spicy twist and anger between the contestants. Hit the comment section who do you like most from the Villa. Also the contestants are giving their best.

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