PTC Punjabi Mr. Punjab winner list, Runner-up, Prize Money, Judges, Host

PTC Punjabi is one of the most popular reality shows. Mr. Punjab is originally the Punjabi Show. This show is available on PTC Punjabi TV Channel. While this channel provides a very big platform to Boys. Who wants to make Grand carrier in the Modeling Field. Between Youngster the Mr. Punjab Show is very popular because of the Modeling Based. Judges and Host details for Mr.Punjab are available so check it out below.

The Whole Show is Hosted by the Amandeep Singh. Whereas Kuljinder Singh Sindhu and Tarun Khanna. And also the Show features the Guest Judges.

Finalists of the show are selected by the votes of the audiences and also with the help of Judges of the Show. The Grand Finale of the show is one of the biggest events of the Reality Show. Whereas Well Known Presenter Satinder Satti hosted the Grand Finale of Mr. Punjab.

Mr. Punjab winner list

Chandigarh’s Avneet Singh is the new Punjab. He got huge amount of money after declaring the winner of the Mr Punjab. Avneet Singh Born On 20 August 1995. While he declared the winner of the Show. And Honoured with the Rs: One Lakh Cash Prize and a trophy. Whereas his aim ha to become an Actor.

Babalbir Singh was declared as 1st Runner Up of the Mr Punjab. While he was honoured with the Rs: 50000 cash Prize. Khushpreet Singh got the Second Runner Up Award. While He Honoured with Rs: 35,000 ash Prize. 

Here are the details of winners List, Runner Up and Prize Money. Whereas The details are given below so make sure to check it out. 

Mr Punjab winner list 2018

  • Winner: Avneet Siingh, Rs: 1 lakh cash prize and a Trophy. 
  • 1s Runner Up: Babalbir Singh, Rs: 50,000 ash Prize
  • 2nd Runner Up: Khushpreet Singh, Rs: 35,000

Mr Punjab winner list 2017

  • Winner: Harpavit Singh, Rs. 1 lakh cash Prize, and Goa Trip
  • 1st Runner Up: Arshbir Singh, Rs. 50,000 cash prize
  • 2nd Runner Up: Tarlok Singh and Ravneet Singh, Rs. 50,000 ash Prize

Mr Punjab winner list 2016

  • Winner: Gurlal Singh, Rs. 1 Lakh cash Prize
  • 1st Runner Up: Sukhraj Singh, Rs. 50,000 cash prize
  • 2nd Runner Up: Jaskaran Singh and Arshpreet Singh, Rs. 50,000 cash Priz.

Mr Punjab winner list 2015

  • Winner: Amandeep Singh
  • 1st Runner Up: Mandhir Singh
  • 2nd Runner Up: Ravindar Singh

Mr Punjab winner list 2014

1st Mr Punjab winner: Harmanveer Singh

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