Mera Sai actor Satish Salgare; He is all set to come back on screen

Satish Salgare is television actor he have been part of small role with huge impacts, he have been seen in series ‘Mera Sai’ and he shares that he is very happy to come back on set as due to COVID-19 everyone want small parts of the show or a comeback on screen. He also shares that he is missing the shoot days even for small screen and he is enjoying the fact that he will work once again.

“It’s not a secret how low the past year has left us all. Getting back and working again, entertaining people yet again, gives me immense pleasure. And that too with a show like ‘Mere Sai’, which is so widely watched and loved. It’s exciting to be back on a set, getting ready and shooting, even while maintaining all safety protocols and measures in mind,”

He further add “I have been an ardent follower of Sai baba since a long time. Playing a role in a show that is dedicated to his life and work was enough for me to say yes to it,”

Describing his character in the show he further say  “He is the head of the village and someone who doesn’t believe in miracles or magic. He starts loathing Sai Baba. The narrative moves into how Kulkarni Sarkar creates difficulties for Sai baba and what follows.”

Talking about challenges in role he shares “Kulkarni Sarkar is a very daunting character which required a lot of preparation. Getting a hang of the language of that era was a little tough. That took a little effort on my part. But our show’s director has a vision which makes it a lot easier to work on the character and get the tone right. A good team makes a team player work harder.”

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