MasterChef India Season 6 Winner Name: Abinas Nayak

MasterChef India is a famous cooking show and the show started in the year 2010. This is based on the original British Master Chef. MasterChef India of all season broadcast on Star plus in India. Let’s check below complete MasterChef India Winner list

MasterChef India Winner list

Pankaj Bhadoriya – Season 1 (2010)

Pankaj Bhadoria was the winner of the MasterChef India season 1. The show started on 16 October 2010 with Judge Kunal Kapoor.

MasterChef India Winner

She has English Literature in Lucknow and she left her teaching job in 2010 reason to participate in MasterChef India. She participated along with 12 contestants and won the trophy of the season 1.

Shipra Khana – Season 2 (2011-12)

After the successful season, the 2nd season MasterChef India aired on 22 October 2011. The judges of the season are also Kunal Kapoor. Shipra khana is the winner of the season 2 and Her specialty in cooking is Global cuisine, Indian, baking, Desserts and fusion food.

She belongs to Shimla India and born on 17 November 1981. After winning Masterchef season 2 Shipra had opened up her own restaurants. Shipra khana is the most glamourous Indian chef.

Ripudaman Handa – Season 3 (2013)

Ripudaman Handa is the winner of the 3rd season and show started on 11 March 2013. The show was judged by Chef Vikas Khanna and Kunal Kapur.

Ripudaman Handa belongs to Punjabi family from Delhi. He is born on in 1990. He has completed a study in hotel management. Ripudaman Handa won the title of MasterChef India season 3 and prize money of 1 Crore.

Nikita Gandhi – Season 4 (2015)

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After the getting popularity, the show started on 26 January 2015. Chefs Vikas Khanna and Sanjeev Kapoor was the judges of the season.

Nikita Gandhi winner of the MasterChef India season 4 title with 1 Crore Prize Money. She Born in Ahmedabad and brought up in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

Kirti Bhoutika – Season 5 (2015)

MasterChef India season 5 started on 1st October 2016 with new Judges. The season judges by Vikas Khanna and Zorawar Karla by the help of Kunal Kapoor.

MasterChef India season 5 won by Kirti Bhoutika along with one crore rupees. She is 21 years and belongs to Kolkata. She is the home bakers.

MasterChef India – Season 6

After the successful finished season 5, coming back with new MasterChef India season 6. The show was started on 7 December 2019 while 1 March 2020 on Star Plus.  Vikas KhannaRanveer Brar and Vineet Bhatia were the host of the season’.

The Grand finale of the show on 1 March 2020, Abinas Nayak is announced the winner while Oindrilla Bala is the runner-up of the show.

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