Mann Ki Awaz Pratigya 2 Actor Ashish Kapoor; His pet Oreo go with him on his sets

Ashish Kapoor is an Indian actor, he have been part of many TV show currently he is working in the show ‘Mann Ki Awaz Pratigya 2’ he have been part of many television show and to accompany him on his set Oreo, a Shih Tzu he plays the role of Adarsh he doesn’t go anywhere without his precious friend.

When we have pet at our home it feels like a friend to whom we can cuddle, give hugs kisses and lots of joy. But carrying a pet isn’t easy also we have to take lots of care give them proper time and food also look after their health the owner of Ashish ensures that “I bring my pet to the set of my TV show no matter what. I believe that all of us have work, we all have friends and family, but my Oreo only has me. I am his mom, dad, family, friend… everything. That’s why I prefer taking him with me wherever I can.”

He also add that Oreo care is taken good on the sets and further add “Oreo accompanies me even to the sets of my TV show. He is looked after on the set. There is AC, food and he plays with the kids. So, he is happy being with us on the set. Honestly, he is happy wherever I am.”

 “I travelled to my hometown, Delhi, with him and stayed there for six-seven months. It was Oreo’s first winter and we made him wear jackets and sweaters. He just loved his winter look (laughs!).”

His pet also have official page on Instagram name as  ‘Oreo The Shih Tzu’ where Ashish keep sharing their pictures and video also he tag on his account the love and the bond they both share is unbelievable.

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