Manish Verma from Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’s; His dreams have bring him in Mumbai

Manish Verma is an Indian actor he have been part of many TV serials, he started his career as model and he is very popular for the role Gulshan where he plays the role of young college boy who only create disturbance in a life of girl name as Mahi.

Acting is one of the favorite dream of Manish, he always wanted to play some role in his life and be an actor not only he but his dad too. From the college life Manish is trying on his luck to be an actor and as we know all the dreams come true. Everyone have some ups and down in their life so does Manish, he also have faced many rejection but slowly slowly his dreams are finally coming true.

“Mujhe Mumbai ka M bhi nahi pata tha when I moved to the city,” Talking about his dreams how he followed them “Acting has always been in the back of my mind, but the problem was I didn’t know where to begin from. I thought that one could get into acting and make contacts via modelling. So, I started to work as a model but much later I eventually shifted to Mumbai and started giving auditions thereafter. At that time too I didn’t come with a plan as to where to shift and what to do. I knew Film City in Mumbai was big and I settled with my friend close by there. The process of networking and making a step in the industry has been and is still a gradual phase.”

He further adds  “I have never really focused on the struggle that might have happened and hence I never really felt it so much. My focus ever since I decided to be an actor has been on my target that I want to achieve any how in life. I pay little attention to the smaller problems that come in life”

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