Mahabharat actor; Rohit Bhardwaj Everyone are making excuses to actor about low budget because of COVID-19

Rohit Bhardwaj is an Indian actor and model, he is best known for his role Yudhishthira from Mahabharat. He shared “I have been getting a lot of offers post Mahabharat. In fact, I was recently offered an interesting comedy show which I was actually keen to do but then things on the money part did not materialize. I can’t compromise on the money part as an actor. Plus, everyone is making an excuse these days to actors that there is less budget because of COVID.  I was also offered Big Boss a few years ago but I didn’t do it because woh mere bus ka nahi hai. I want to save my personal life. I am scared of doing Bigg Boss,”

He also says he is very choosy with his work and said  “Well, I can afford to be so choosy with projects because I am also a businessman. I have a backup plan. I am also into real estate business. I belong to a business family and it is in my blood. Plus, when I entered the industry I realized people here play with an actor’s insecurity and a lot of non-actors cut their per day rate. I didn’t want to land up into that situation and so the first thing that I did was to have a backup plan,”

He is traveler by heart this day he is exploring “Since I am a traveler by heart, the moment the national flights resumed, I went to several places. Flights khulte hi ghoomna shuru. And though a lot of actors went back to their hometowns, I preferred to stay in Mumbai only before and after lockdown with my 15 year-old Lhasa Apso. I think every actor should be a frequent traveler and this is what we are also taught during our theatre training to travel and observe the surroundings and the people. I went to Kedarnath, which is quite a spiritual place and then I also went to Kamakhya Devi temple in Guwahati. I am a lone traveler and like going to places all alone, and I make a lot of friends during the journey,”

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