Kundali Bhagya; Inspector’s doubt at Luthra family for Akshay murder

Kundali Bhagya is one of the most famous and popular show which airs on Zee TV, you can also catch the online broadcast on the official app or website of Zee5 which you can download from google play store.

The latest episode starts with Police reaching at Luthra’s mansion to verify about the Akshay murder all the family members gathers at living room to finally hear news about Akshay murder from the police. Inspector say that might it will be someone from the house only to be the murder they will investigate soon and ask them who met Akshay last?

Everyone who meet Akshay were in shock like Preeta, Karan, Prithvi they get panic when they hear the news about Akshay murder. Whereas Prithvi who have blackmail Akshay to blackmail to Kritika gets scare for a while. This make inspector more conscious about him, Later on Inspector ask Preeta question about Kritika and Akshay. Preeta was all ready to tell the truth but as soon as she turn and look at Kritika she quickly turn the conversation.

Whereas in a while Inspector tells to family that there is some relation between Akshay murder and his family which he will reveal soon what is there and police leave. Later on Kritika recall that the incident took place after the Akshay call worries and break down. Preeta tries to calm her down she tells her to not take much stress because anyway Kritika doesn’t meet Akshay lately so she will be safe.

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