Kundali Bhagya; 4th Dec Update

Kundali Bhagya is an Indian romantic drama series which airs on Zee TV, the current episode begins with Preeta who ask Karan if he wants anything? He nods at her she reply and say that she know he want to eat something that’s why he is looking at her plate.

Karan say that he already ate and he wanted to feed her and tell her to open her mouth, she start teasing her what if she open her mouth and he only eats but he reply sweetly that she is his wife and she is keeping fast for her. She ask she did something for the first time and Karan reply she should continue doing stuff for her because he like it.

She start thinking about Sarla because she blessed her by saying that their bond will get stronger day by day just not worry. When Karan feeds her Preeta by mistakenly bite his finger and she immediately say sorry to him but Karan say intentionally did it because of Mahira because he bring her home without any permission and he dropped her once on the floor.

She started laughing and saying he misunderstood, she say if he is feeling so bad then he can bite her finger too he show his hand her in front of him but he takes his hand and give him kiss. She gets shock for what he did because she wasn’t seeing back coming this Karan also make her word that he will not hurt her and if anyone also hurt he will try to reach him and he will make sure that he will protect her and keep marriage safe.

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