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KumKum Bhagya; Ranbir thinks there is some mystery behind Gayatri

Kumkum Bhagya is one of the most popular and famous show nowadays which air on Zee TV, the latest episode start with Vikram scold Alia for not behaving well towards Abhi she reply by saying that not to interfere in their family matter. He starts missing Abhi and goes to Dadi to meet her on the other side Ranbir mom he still upset with him.

Abhi gets upset with Pragya for leaving him alone then she apologies to him for leaving him like that and she offer to apply some cream so that his pain will relieve he agrees on it and apply the cream. Dadi and Vikram goes to meet Abhi in his room, Abhi is little fear but then too he shake his hand with them.

Abhi compliment his Dadi hair and call her his friend also Dadi agrees on it and play with him and they both have good time with each other. Later on Ranbir recalls him mom Pallavi conversation with Alia concerning about engagement and that make him sad.

Then suddenly he start thinking about Gayatri that how Abhi is all comfortable around her and they both are bonding good then he recalls that Gayatri wore the same bracelet as Pragya use to and it is same he thinks there will be some mystery behind it and he will get to know soon.

Vikram saw Ranbir talking about the bracelet of Pragya he goes over there and cover up with some other topic And on the other side Shahana say to Prachi to tell about the entire matter to Pragya but Prachi feels that he would only make her feel upset and low so she meet Gayatri and ask her about Abhi health she tells him is fine now.

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