KumKum Bhagya; March 11 written update

Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian serial which airs on Zee TV. The latest episode starts with Prachi was seen fighting with Rhea and to defence her Shahana come and Prachi ask to Shahana and Rhea to not argue. Shahana tells to Rhea if Prachi wants to call Ranbir she can anytime but she hasn’t ask to marry him while leaving Rhea warns Prachi to not cross any lines or she have to face the consequences.

On the other hand Mitali informs to Alia and Mitali that Gayatri aka Pragya has gone to Abhi’s room with a ‘Haldi Ka Lep’ she inform that she have stick with her but she is not sure if she’s going to be okay as Abhi have turned into an animal. Alia say to Mitali to keep an eye on the Gayatri but she say that she can only scare her from the stick Dadi come and warn everyone that no one will beat Abhi or else she will take him away as soon as she leaves Alia assure that Abhi won’t go anywhere.

As soon as Pragya (Gayatri) go inside she assure Abhi that she won’t him when he come out she ask him to pick the stick and she tells him that stick is his friend and so is she, Pragya ask him that how did he hurt himself then he start telling her story that he was playing something and then he begins to cry he also complaint that Alia didn’t take him to the doctor and and Mitali doesn’t give him proper food to eat then she assures him that from no onward he will get his proper meal.

Then Abhi takes Pragya duppata and sit under it then she ask him that she will apply some haldi where he is hurt and she promises that it won’t hurt as she was applying Abhi hold his hand closely and Pragya start crying and he notice it he start feeling insecure that she will tell to everyone and goes inside.

Mitali find Gayatri crying then she say that Abhi is turned into a kid and she s making him ready to get new clothes for him and then she goes to Abhi room and he show the picture of sun and say he loves sun She tell him that she will take him outside to buy new clothes but he keep condition that Gayatri needs to show her face.

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