Kumkum Bhagya; Alia challenges Gayatri to improve Abhi health in a month

Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian serial which is one of the most popular show which airs on Zee TV, you can also catch the live episode on the official app or website of Zee5 app which you can download from the google play store.

The latest episode starts with the goon decide to goes in Abhi room and try to kill him but, Abhi is in room and he avoid to get caught he show him his gun and manage to take him to room but Abhi manages to lock him in Bathroom. The goons call his partner and ask him for the cover and they decide to kill Abhi.

Whereas in meanwhile Pallavi ask Ranbir to put ring on Rhea finger, he starts thinking of Prachi and accidentally the ring fall and the ring is picked up by Abhi which he refuses to give back then Ranbir makes new idea and manage to make new ring from the floral decoration and gives to Abhi and then he leaves to first floor.

Abhi sports the cloth used for decoration and then Jumps from over there, Mitali call him Mogli and on the other hand Tanu and Alia gets upset with Gayatri for being not there in the scene. Then Alia take Abhi to room to beat him but then Kabir comes and stop her and he save Abhi from Alia.

Ranbir start scolding Alia for beating up her own brother and questions her about love, she reply not to interfere in her family matters but Ranbir gets angry and ask her to stay in her limits and tell her that he will be also there by her side. Rhea comes over there and feel shamed about her father.

Alia meet Gayatri when she is going back from the party, also the former scolds them for leaving Abhi alone and tell her that she has to raise her hand on Abhi. Gayatri gets mad on Alia for doing such things. Alia challenges Gayatri to improve Abhi health in a month if she does she will double the payment and Gayatri accept the challenge.

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