Kaatelal & Son’s actress Megha Chakraborty learns to ride a bike with some twist

Megha Chakraborty is an Indian actress, she have been appeared in many serials now she is currently seen playing the lead role in the show ‘Kaatelal and Son’s’ which airs on Sony SAB TV. The show is wining the audience heart by their storyline all the show inspires lots of them out there.

We have lately listen that both the sister in the show have become boy they have done their entire transition and now they all are set for new role. Megha is learning to ride bike for their upcoming episode not only she is trying to ride a bike in normal dress she is going to wear Saree while riding.

By this they are proving that women can do anything in their life they can pursue it, not only men can do it all the work but nowadays women are standing up by their shoulder to shoulder after all girls are not lesser than boys. The story is all set to witness the sister pursuing all their dreams as Garima and Susheela.

Megha share her new experience on the sets of ‘Kaatela and Son’s’ and she said “The experience of shooting for this sequence has been breathtaking. I have had the opportunity to explore a lot with this character. It’s a great opportunity when you have to perform such impactful scenes like this and this was entirely a new and exhilarating experience for me. I have executed something similar in the past but this was really different since I was riding a bike wearing a saree and was in a Goddess’s attire. Never really thought I’d be riding a bike in saree but there’s always a first time and I must say it is something I will always remember. My whole concentration on the set was in giving my best shot, keeping my fears aside and thoroughly enjoying this sequence.”

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