Imlie; March 12 written update

Imlie is an Indian drama show which airs on Star Plus the latest episode starts with Malini express her fear in front of Nishant about her connection with Aditya she say that she don’t even more feel about him the same way as she used to Nishant supports in side of Aditya and make her feel understand that he still love him.

Whereas in the village Aditya teaches Imlie when she gets a call from Meethi, She tells Imlie that she cook for only two person meals and that’s what grocery is left with her Aditya overhears all the talk When the food get server he tell that he will share his food with all of them. He make Imlie and Meethi to eath with him.

Meethi give Aditya’s left food to Imlie and tell her to eat from the same plate as it’s kind of ritual for husband long life Aditya also shares that he will also eat from her plate for long life and Imlie gets shock by Aditya’s behavior he also gets shook that why is he saying all this and how.

He also tells Imlie to come with him for better life and for education purpose but Imlie just wants him to leave Aditya immediately rushes out to the house feeling hurt while seeing the reaction of her where Imlie looked worried and she start studying but her misprounciations make Aditya in tension he thinks of staying back and to teach Imlie for whole night.

They both fall asleep and as soon as they woke up Dulari taunts to them for sleeping together in front of everyone but however Imlie parents handle the situation and Aditya say that he have to leave from there due to some work while he gets fresh snake attack on him and he gets worried after getting a snake bite.

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