Donal Bisht; She have broken many hearts in her school time

Donal Bisht is an Indian actor and she is also in modelling, she is also been part of many TV shows recently she is doing south film and playing a lead role “Kalash – Ek Vishwaas was my first show in 2015. Eventually every actor or a human being has a dream to evolve and work better and better. And that is what happened with me too. I always love to act, medium no bar. I like to do different kind of work. As an actor I got an opportunity to work on TV that too in four consecutive shows as lead. After exploring the small screen medium, and working back to back for four consecutive years and having no life of my own, I decided to take a break after my last show ‘Dil Toh Happy Ji’

she further adds  “Every now and then I get offers for TV. The medium is always there and the offers will be there whenever I want to get back to the medium again. But I don’t want no regret in life by not taking risks. I would not like to regret not doing things which I could have done in my life on the professional front.”

she further added “Money wise, I left getting good amount of money as a journalist to become a TV actress, where initially I was paid very very less. And now I am leaving lucrative offers on the small screen for films. Dil pe patthak toh rakhna hi padta hai as far as the money is concerned but that is the risk that as I said I am ready to take. I know I can make a lot of money from TV but I just don’t want to think about the money part,”

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