Choti Sardarni; Sarab freak’s out after seeing Sandhya as nurse and tell her to go out

Choti Sardarni is an Indian serial which is one of the most popular and famous show which airs on Colors TV, we have seen after lots of prayer and blessings Seher finally gains consciousness, So the latest episode starts with Sandhya informing to Sarab that Seher is start waking up and she is being easy in taking breath.

Sarab immediately call doctor, he comes and check up and doctor say that her nurse have done well job because of her she is doing well and better. After looking up for nurse he gets to know that she have left he runs behind him to stop her, Sarab start requesting to nurse to stay with Seher and take care of her until she get better.

He also offer that he will keep in his family ‘Gill Mansion’ safe after hearing up all the request Sandhya removes mask and say that he need his permission to stay in his house. Sarab gets shock to see Sandhya over there she start apologizing to her and say that she wanted to look after Seher and take care of her, Kulwant support Sandhya

Sarab gets angry and ask Sandhya to get out of the house and don’t show her face, Kulwant try to calm down Sarab and he say to think about Meher’s health first but he start shouting on Sandhya and ask her to leave but Kulwant say that she will not go anywhere not for anyone but atleast for Meher. Sarab goes inside and everyone try to make him understand that Sandhya need’s to stay here for the health of Meher.

Sarab start thinking that what should he do now and he start thinking about Meher that what she would have done if she was in such a situation then after lot of thinking he finally get a decision and he decide what to do, So in next episode you will see what Sarab decision will be.

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