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Choti Sardarni; Sandhya remembers the incident with Meher

We have seen an unknown women have enter in Gill’s mansion and everyone is scare that where is Meher the fans are very curious to know about the Sandhya new women also what turn will story take.

The latest episode start with Sandhya gets awake and recall about the incident she gets flashback where she remembered that Meher was trying to save her from goons and now she have right to know where he is the girl who saved her life from goons.

Whereas on the other hand it is shown that a man and a woman have been dragged in some different unknown place where man is in an unconscious state and a women who is looking like Meher is been tied up with chair and has her face covered with a blood flowing out of her leg she was struggling to untangle her and get out from the place.

In meanwhile, Sarab investigate about Meher that she didn’t board her flight and her last tracked location was showing Delhi, whereas Kulwant realized her mistake for misunderstanding Meher and for not supporting her but it seems like that she have some sign that unwanted things are happening with Meher. She immediately reaches to Gill house and she gets to know about Sandhya and also tries to know about Meher.

Coming on Sarab he is in shock to know that Meher didn’t catch her Delhi flight and somehow he manages to calm down the children for her mother that she will come home quickly the upcoming episode you will see Sandhya who will reveal the whole truth and the scenario about Meher.

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