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Choti Sardarni; Sandhya promise to bring back Meher home

Choti Sardarni is an Indian television show which airs on Colors TV, it is one of the most popular show the episodes are revolving around Meher currently is missing and things are becoming difficult for Sarab as each day passes he can’t keep his calm. He is having fear and tension that how is Meher and where she is?

The latest episode starts with Meher tries to call Sarab with the help of Sandhya’s mother and she tells him that she is doing all fine and she will soon return in one week. Though he first disagree but tells to her that return as soon as possible but when he hear some noises from back he become little nervous and starts wondering whats going over there with Meher is she fine or not.

Sandhya watch Sarab and his children worrying about their mom. Then Sandhya decide to rescue from here and reach there as soon as she can then she request to accompany everyone for ‘Akhand Paath’ at Kulwant’s mansion and she take this golden opportunity to escape and reach Meher.

Whereas in meanwhile, Kulwant is unaware that actually what have happened to Meher she struggles to learn actuality. She welcomes Sarab, Param, Karan, Seher, Harleen and Sandhya. Soon Sandhya notices that everyone is involve in paath she tries to sneak out from house but then she think there are some obstacles that she need to clear.

The moment she steps out from the house Jeeto stops her. Sandhya gets scare and give a fake name to her and Sarab notices all this he gets confuse about lying her name and even hiding her face from S.P.

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