Choti Sardarni; Meher message’s Sarab

Choti Sardarni latest episode starts with Sarab search for a long time where is Meher and also who is Sandhya and why is she related to Meher is something related or not. Suddenly Sarab receives note from Meher as and when he get calls from IG she mention that she is busy with some work and wants him to take good care of Sandhya as she is good friend of her.

Whereas we can see Meher getting help from Sandhya’s mother who save her from her brother torture and she helps her to send a message to her family, She also starts narrating her story of Sandhya and what went wrong for her brother to run behind him to take her life almost.

On the other hand it is reveal that Sandhya’s decision to get marry to another cast religion boy and further being pregnant it caused her black out and Sandhya’s brother know everything about all this so her father and brother were trying to almost take her life when she ran.

Whereas in the Gill mansion Sandhya share some cute little behavior with Seher and she start wondering if is he she doing right by staying here as she is going to put other life in danger, Whereas her children and her husband are waiting for her return or not. Later on she also receive a good warm welcome from Sarab who assure her not to worry much and considering her as own family only

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