Choti Sardarni; In the upcoming episode Meher is going to die, the show is going to taking a turn.

Choti Sardarni is one of the famous show which air in Colors TV, the show is all set to take unwanted twist which is going to be shocking and curious one. You can check out the promo as the promo is out on the official app of Youtube, whereas you can also catch the live show on the official app of Voot.

In the latest promo we have seen Sarab performing all the rituals demises of Meher it is very shocking what have happen even their kids are asking what have happen what’s going on. Sarab is heard saying  “So rahi hai, sone do” and the next audience have seen heart warming tear in the eye of Sarab where he says final goodbye to Meher.

Whereas in meanwhile Sarab and Meher have come in heart breaking situation the show is at very tip point anything can turn out. Also in the latest episode Meher have been trapped inside the wall and Sarab learns that there is some connection between Sandhya and Meher and lately he knows the truth, he run to save her life from Sandhya family.

Whereas on the other hand Sandhya is going to meet Rajan on her way to home, he takes her there and then she realizes that her dad and brother have buried Meher inside the wall. She warn each of them and tell that Sarab will destroy each and everyone life. On the other side Sandhya is tied up to chair in her own house and all of them ahead to stop Sarba from approaching.

The upcoming episode is going to be full on drama and fans are looking forward to see what will happen will Meher be there or not.

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