Choti Sardarni; An unknown women enter to Gill House will she be Meher?

Choti Sardarni is one of the most famous and popular show the show have very intense twist and turn in the story the latest episode start with. The latest episode starts with an unknown lady in the Gill house who faints as soon as she come inside the house sh faints.

One of the most important part of the story is when she gets unconscious she get a dream about her flashback where gun shot and she wake up taking Meher’s Name, whereas the other part which have twist that she is pregnant.

Another interesting part of the show is Tarkash’s was seen revealing the truth about the Jagga’s killer to Kulwant she ended up saying that the plan was done by Tarkash to kill not by Meher. Whereas Kulwant who was believing in another story realized that his daughter was right all the time in while. She recalls everything where she thought her life and family where in danger and how she killed Jagga she also gets realization of Meher that she didn’t believe her at that time.

On the other side Sabar and kids were eagerly waiting for Meher to welcome her they have already done some preparations but in some confusion Meher doesn’t come instead some unknown lady enter’s the house. The upcoming episode will tell about Sarab and kids who realizes that they are clueless about Meher for long time and know the main twist is they don’t know who the woman is and where did Meher disappear.

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