Anupamaa; In the matter with Nandini, Samar warn his father to not interfere

Anupamma is one of the most popular show which airs on Sony TV the latest episode begins with Samar brings Nandini at home for Maha Shivratri puja and his dad Vanraj gets angry on him for doing this everyone gets shock to see Nandini at home and Vanraj express his anger silently without reacting.

Vanraj tell to Anupamaa that he have done whatever he wanted to do by bringing Nandini at home and now he will do whatever he wants to when pooja gets over he offer prasad to everyone except for Nandini because of his anger he ignore her and give a look to Anupamaa.

Samar express his anger by doing a tandav dance of Lord Shivaji and later on Nandini and Anupamma join him when he give look to them and afterwards he take the prasad by himself an offer to Nandini later on they also touch Vanraj feet but he step backwards and he orders Samar to get out of the house with Nandini.

Samar reply that he has no right to send him out as it is his mom’s house Samar tells to Vanraj that he is angry because he bring his girlfriend Nandini at home whereas he himself is living with his girlfriend Kavya at same house even being a married man.

Anupamma shouts at Samar for disrespecting Vanraj and ask him to apologize him he reminds him to take the relationship at slow place on the other hand Kinjal and Toshu gets into an argument for taking side Anupamma and Vanraj

Rakhi start questioning the character of male of the Shah family Samar ask if everyone can do whatever they want or can then why the rules are apply only on him also Samar say that why he is interfering in their family matter when he already left the home with Kavya. Samar’s word make in worry to Vanraj Baa goes to him and try to make him calm but he gets in anger and break the table and tell Baa that he is being quiet for long time but its the time he will speak up for himself.

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