Anchoring Audition India For Junior | Senior

[wpfcNOT]This is a contest for all the people across the globe that are fond of talking, addressing gatherings and entertaining an audience.This show would focus on the presenting/anchoring/hosting skills of the participants.

They would be allowed to enter open auditions held in 26 major cities of the country and abroad to showcase their unique style and talent

Anchoring Audition India age Limit :  Male/Female  Between 18 to 30 year.

Anchoring Audition For Junior:-   Male/Female Between 08 to 17 year.

Audition Rounds:

Round : 1 – Participation

This can be an online Upload Your Video Email And participation (through auditions held at various cities).

Round : 2 – Mega Audition

After selection is done from the online entries and from various city auditions, the participants would be called to Delhi for the Mega Audition where their ability to adapt to different styles would be judged and the top 10 finalists would be selected.

Round : 3 – Grand Finale

Top 10 finalists would be judged in each category and the best would be declared winner.

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