Actress Ariah Agarwal even after testing Negative for COVID-19 she was suspicious to go back on the sets

Ariah Agarwal is one of the famous actor she have work in Hindi television she have also done modelling. Recently in fast few days Ariah was tested positive for COVID-19 and her shootings were pause but after some time her reports were negative and she once again resume the shooting.

“I’m very happy and excited to be back on the sets as I thoroughly enjoy acting. However, being cooped up in a room for 14 days during the quarantine period can take a toll on your emotional and mental health. Honestly, even after testing negative and being in quarantine for 16-18 days, I was sceptical about going back to the sets as I was scared that I might spread the infection. But being on sets, wearing my mask and face shield all the time and maintaining social distancing is helping me to be more confident.”

She also share about emotional and mental health especially when she was isolated on some day she found it difficult  “Initially, I thought that it would be a cakewalk for me but it wasn’t. I thought I would watch movies and read but after a point, it gets too strenuous for your eyes. Also, every day, going through a new symptom was lightly scary.  Although I lived with my family, it would often get lonely and daunting. I would video call my best friend and was constantly connected with my family and friends, which kept me calm and sane,”

She further add “The pandemic has taught me to speak my mind, share my feelings and not wait for the right time. Now, I’m being even more cautious and alert on the sets. I wish no one goes through this situation as it completely drains you.”

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