Actor Sahil Phull from Kaatelal & Sons; His hard work pay off after six years which is to play male lead role

Sahil Phull was an Indian actor who was born in Jammu Kashmir he grew up in Muslim film he have been part of many TV serials when he started acting he lost his four family members within a year but still he doesn’t left his dream and continue working on himself and despite of being in difficult time his hard work paid off.

He was last seen playing his lead role in the show ‘Kaatelal & Sons’ “It has taken six years of hard work and determination with one goal in mind, which was to play the male lead. I am happy to have reached that stage in my career. This is the first time I am playing the lead after I returned from my break. My last outing in the lead role was in Uttaran.

He also add  “I am not worried about joining the show midway, as it’s a different character. I will play Agni, which is an exciting part. The graph of the character is different from what I have played so far on TV.”

“Ankit was creatively dissatisfied and it was his prerogative to quit the show. I can’t say much about that. All I know is that I am playing a new character. So, there is no scope for comparisons between the two. I am excited about this journey and glad that the year has begun on a good note for me. I’ve happy that I have finally fulfilled my dream of playing the lead character in a TV show,”

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