Actor Pankit Thakker from show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha loves to celebrate his birthday with needy people

Pankit Thakker is an Indian actress who started his career in 2001 and now he have came way across the actor was currently seen in the show ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’ and today he is enjoying his 41st Birthday.

Pankit Thakker says “I’m 41 now, but since childhood to date my love for birthday cake is same. I’m very much excited for my birtbday cakes, and my family and friends are much aware of the fact. So mostly I’m gifted with varieties of cake. But unlike others I dont enjoy cake smashing. As I feel using of food is better then wasting it. So I enjoy sharing my cakes with unfortunates around the street. As I know for us cake is nothing much, but for them this cakes are real expensive. I wish people understand this and share instead of using it for fun factor. Even I learned baking a cake on my birthday from my mother. I still remember during that time she taught me to bake a cake on a pressure cooker.”

Actor like Pankit are true inspirations for us that we should not only celebrate our birthday with friends and family but also with the needy one who never celebrate their own and should spend some time with them as not everyone are capable of doing all this things we should have big heart.

He also adds “I enjoy no work on birthdays. I have took off from my shoots to spend the day with myself, my family and friends. Even during my childhood I use not to study and skip my tuition classes. But I use to be excited to attend my school. As we had a free dress for birthdays. I could choose to wear what I want instead of the regular school uniform and we as kids used to look forward to wearing new clothes and going to the school to celebrate with friends. And in my case I have the same set of pals till date with whom I have studied from nursery till college and we are very much connected. So still we all celebrates our special day together.”

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