Actor Kuldpeep Singh shares that Yeshu taught him a lot about Easter and for the first time he is celebrating now

Kuldeep Singh he is an Indian actress he have been part of many TV shows we all adapt some or the other new culture and learn new things similarly Yeshu had a similar experience with Christianity he had to explore many new things also he have visited to church to distribute some cake and sweets among underprivileged children.

He further share “I believe in being a part of all the festivals and therefore celebrate occasions from all religions in India. In Mumbai, most of the communities celebrate their festivals with a lot of pomp and splendour. For the first time, this year, I’ll be celebrating Easter. Festivals are a good time for the spirit of brotherhood, and getting along with each other. It helps you discover a lot of great things and keep yourself positive. After becoming part of a show revolving around life of Jesus, I learnt a lot about him. I also got to explore how beautiful Christianity is.”

Due to his shoot and recent act he have to explore new fest of christian were for the first time he went to church and gave some chocolates and sweet to children and he shares “I’m planning to visit a church if they are open, and there is less crowd. As COVID-19 is increasing by the day, we’ll have to be concerned and responsible too. I have invited four of my close friends over at my place for a sumptuous Easter meal. I have ordered for cakes and chocolates which I shall be distributing among the underprivileged kids.”

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