MTV ACE Of space Winner name of all Season

MTV Ace Of Space is one of the popular reality show on Indian television. The reality show has a unique concept. It is totally different from the other reality show. Bigg Boss ex-contestant Vikas Gupta is the host of the show. MTV ACE Of space winner name, Runner-ups name of all season.

The TV show was started in the month of October 2018. And soon MTV’s Ace of Space Grand Finale completed. So, finally, the winner of the show revealed.

1Divya AgarwalPratik Sehajpal
2Salman ZaidiAdnaan Shaikh and Baseer Ali
MTV ACE Of space Winner Name

Divya Agarwal: MTV ACE Of space Season 1 winner name 2018

The name of the winner of the first season of MTV Ace Of Space has been announced on 30th December 2018.

Divya Agarwal is announced as the winner of the first season of MTV Ace of space. She got 7 lakh cash amount as prize money along with the trophy of the show.

Contestants list of Season 1
  1. Divya Agarwal
  2. Pratik Sehajpal
  3. Varun Sood
  4. Shehzad Deol
  5. Faisal Khan
  6. Miesha Iyer
  7. Fizah Khan
  8. Abhiraj Chadha
  9. Chetna Pande
  10. Omprakash Mishra
  11. Danish Zehen
  12. Riya Subodh
  13. Sambhav Sharma
  14. Sankalp Sharma
  15. Akanksha Sharma
  16. Kamz
  17. Nadia Sheikh
  18. Pooja Rathi
  19. Deepak Tuteja
  20. Tenzin Mariko

The TV show featured a total 18 contestants. The contestants have to face tough situations and tasks. They have to stay in the limited space. So it will be interesting to watch.

Salman Zaidi: MTV Ace of Space Season 2 winner 2019

After the great success in Season 1, the show is up with the new season 2019. The show was started on 24 August 2019 and on the grand finale, the winner name was announced. Salman Zaidi announced the winner on 2 November 2019.

Adnaan Shaikh was the runner-up and Baseer Ali was the 2nd runner-up of the Ace of Space Season 2. The winner of the show was get good prize money with Trophy.

Contestants list of Season 2
  1. Adnaan Shaikh
  2. Baseer Ali
  3. Salman zaidi
  4. Krissann Barretto
  5. Prakruti Mishra
  6. Rashmi Jha
  7. Shruti Sinha
  8. Deepak Thakur
  9. Khushali Vyas
  10. Yash Rajput
  11. Lucinda Nicholas
  12. Khushi Chaudhary
  13. Manhar Seth
  14. Luv Tyagi
  15. Nikita Bhamidipati
  16. Mandeep Gujjar
  17. Ramiz Siddiqui
  18. Pearl Almeida
  19. Ohm Kaliraman
  20. Akshay Kakkar
  21. Renu Bhati
  22. Nasir Khan
  23. Roshni Misbah
  24. Rohit Singh Rajput

TBC: MTV Ace of Space Season 3 winner Name 2020

After the previous season, the make of the show is planning to start the new season in a few months. Its Registration will also start in a few weeks, so check out the how-to-do registration Digitally online for MTV Ace of Space Season 3.

As per as source, Vikas gupta will host the show Digitally Because of Epidemic. The fans of the show is waiting for watch their favorite show.

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