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What is 9xMovies Website? Is this an illegal HD Bollywood Download Website?

In today’s time, we are keener to download the latest movies or the series rather than actually going to the theater for watching them. 9xMovies 2021: Is this illegal HD Bollywood Download Website?

There are many websites that allow you to download these latest movies which are running in the theaters. But we suggest you be more careful while you download these movies from anyone of the website.

Always look at the authenticity of the source before you jump into actions. There are many websites that put up the movies or the series which are leaked from the sources. As we all are aware that movies and series come with copyright so it is always better to look at the source of the data before you access it.

9xMovies 2021 What exactly they provide?

One of the site 9xMovies gives you a platform where you can download or watch the movies and series. This data is copyright data that is easily available for downloading and watching.

9xMovies app free download is easily available. This website allows you to watch and download the latest Bollywood, Hollywood movies, series, etc on their website.

You can even find out the latest movies or the series on this website. These are very easily accessible. Be it the latest movies from Bollywood or Hollywood you looking for or be it the series you can find it very easily.

The data they provide is available for you in many formats. Like you can get access to the movies and series in full HD, HD, or the mp4 format.

The best part is it they give you movies and series in full high definition too. Which we might feel as great to watch why visit theaters for the movies when you are getting it for free. But, WAIT!!! is this data legal???

What is the authenticity of data on 9xMovies?

Data available on the website is pirated. Now this means these series and movies are copied. And this is not real. Downloading or watching the movies and series from this might end up putting you in trouble.

As movies and series have their own copyright. And if you access this data without the permission of the owner then it comes under the piracy.

Also, you need to be careful about downloading. If in case the movies or the series you download has the virus in it.

It is pretty clear that this site is not legal. And whenever you download a movie or series from such a site it is an act of piracy. As you don’t have legal permission from the owner.

Few Extensions of 9xMovies 2021

There are other extensions of this site 9xMovies which are stated below. One should always be careful if the data is legal. As you can be punished under the legal action if you download or watch series or movies from this site.

  • 9xmovies.proxy
  • 9xmovies.wp

Another website which has pirated data

There are many websites other then 9xMovies that have pirated data on the site. So we mentioning a few of them to make you aware of these websites and take the safety precautions for the betterment of yourself. And be away from the illegal act.





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Madras Rockers













Jio Rockers








Disclaimer neither supports not promotes any piracy or torrent websites. We respect the Indian constitution and know how dangerous it is downloading content from piracy websites such as 9xMovie,,,, and

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